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About our dog training Located in Shasta County, California

Welcome to premier dog training for Shasta County, Redding and Northern California.


Our beautiful dog training facility is located in Shasta County, California an easy 35 minute drive from Redding, California.

Over  the past 11 years professional dog trainers Debi and Guenter have  provided dog training for owners throughout  Redding, Shasta County and  Northern California.

Guenter has more than 30 years of experience as a professional, SV certified dog trainer.  Drawing on his years of experience he develops effective dog training programs for all breeds and for all needs.  Guenter has extensive experience in Schutzhund competition and trialing.
His love of dogs, particularly German Shepherds, began when he was a boy growing up in his native Germany.  He joined his local club, trained his own German Shepherd and ultimately went on to build a successful career in training security dogs, companion dogs, and in Schutzhund (IPO) competition.

Guenter has a natural ability to "read" a dog. He is able to communicate with various dog personalities. He creates a training program that is individual to each dog's needs. 

Gunter has trained with many well-known German handlers and ultimately became the Head Trainer at the German Shepherd Club in Salzgitter-Bad.

As the Supervisor-Head Trainer in the Security Dog Division at a large German security company, Guenter trained all recruits (both human and canine). He prepared them to successfully complete the  Schutzhund Trial which is required of all security dogs and handlers in Germany.

Guenter's extensive Schutzhund (IPO)  Trial experience with several of his own dogs includes showing twice in the Niedersachsen Provincial Finals with good point accumulation.

Guenter has worked with several top breeders in Germany.  The breeding programs require that all studs and bitches must complete an IPO trial to be eligible for breeding papers. Guenter has trained these dogs through all the necessary requirements.   Additionally, Guenter holds his own breeding license.

Debi grew up with a love of dogs. Her parents showed and bred AKC Collie dogs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After moving to Europe in 1986, She  adopted a GSD mix from  a local shelter, then an older GSD.  She was  impressed with the breed. Later,  she  purchased a pure-bred German Shepherd and joined the Salzgitter-Bad Schutzhund Club.

Debi and Vina vom Braunschweiger Wappen competed in all levels of Schutzhund (IPO)  trialing, including the Specialized Tracking level(FH1).  Debi represented the club in competitions throughout the Niedersachsen Province.  

When Vina was retired, more GSD's followed.  Debi continued to train and trial in IPO.  Each dog  had a different temperament which allowed Debi to  develop many diverse new training techniques.  

While in Germany Debi was asked to assist with the training of the club's youth group. Her knowledge and experience provided opportunities to work for breeders in training their young dogs in preparation for the trials. She learned the challenging aspect of teaching people to effectively work with their dogs, a skill she draws upon in her training program today.  She also assisted in the training of new security-dog handlers at Sicherheit-Nord.


LLK9 develops personalized training programs for each dog depending on the dog's personality and the owner's needs. We train service dogs for people with disabilities, as well as therapy dogs. We have good success rehabilitating  "problem" dogs that other trainers have given up on. LLK9 takes pride in the challenge of turning difficult or unruly dogs into balanced family members.

 Debi brings her love of people and dogs to each training session. She and Guenter work side-by-side with each dog and owner to ensure a successful training experience.

 Guenter and Debi combine their innate understanding of dog personalities with decades of experience.



We provide affordable, quality dog training for all levels of obedience.  Everyone from the first-time dog owner to families having problems with out-of-control dogs can benefit from LLK9 training. 



 With years of experience in German competition--where the sport of Schutzhund originated, LLK9 insures you top notch Dog Sport training guidance.  We utilize a mark/reward method for building focus and speed.  LLK9 is proficient in solving many of the problems associated with IPO testing in all phases of the trialing (i.e.; Obedience, Protection and Tracking).


 For the owner with little time, we offer a Boot Camp Program. This intensive program enables us to concentrate on correcting problem behaviors without the distraction of the home environment. This enables us to rehabilitate dogs to become welcome family members. We then educate owners on how to continue the training in their home.  You can trust that you will receive the very best training and care while your pets are with us.


We offer primarily private classes at our beautiful training facility in Shingletown, Ca.  which is an easy 35 minute drive from Redding, California. 

-Our programs are both affordable and convenient.

- You and your dog work one-on-one with  Guenter and Debi.  Private dog training insures we are not distracted by the needs of other dogs and their owners. 

-We accommodate your schedule to ensure that dog training is both convenient for you and  enjoyable. 

Why our dog training Works!

First, as SV Certified dog trainers we evaluate each dog as an individual. Breed, temperament, drive and personality are all taken into consideration.

Second, we read each owner individually.  We take into account the owner's temperament, strength, sensibilities and personal goals.

We use proven, concrete dog training methods.  This is  based on years of experience as professional dog trainers.  Our  training protocol utilizes the natural instincts of the dog to achieve control and obedience.  We do not use quick "fixes" or gimmicks.  We do use detective work to identify what positively motivates your dog.  That is why our dog training facility is rated by our clients as the premier dog training program in Northern California.

-Reinforcing the Owner-Dog Bond-

As professional dog trainers we understand the importance of promoting connection and understanding between the owner and the dog. We explain what we are doing and why to the owner in easily understandable terms.



This personalized training program for therapy dogs and service/assistance dogs is based on our years of hands-on training and experience working with dogs in these specialized areas.

Therapy Dogs provide emotional/psychological/comfort support to children and adults primarily in institutionalized settings, such as schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and hospice settings. The benefits of therapy dogs are well known--from relieving stress and lowering blood pressure, to assisting in helping children overcome speech defects and emotional disorders.

Service/Assistance Dogs We train service dogs and assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Trained service dogs help people better manage their day-to-day interactions and living situations. Service dogs and assistance dogs help persons with disabilities in a variety of ways. We offer certified training programs and counsel our clients in how to finish the process to acquire tags.


LLK9 Drill Team Practice

What is the LLK-9 Club?

The LLK-9 Club was established in 2015 to enable our advanced and on-going customers to continue their training on a yearly basis. The membership cost is very minimal.   The Club meets Saturday mornings and at other pre-arranged times as a group.  This is helpful for people who wish to continue with  advanced exercises for trialing or for fun.  The club is a group of highly motivated people supporting each other's training goals as a community group.  LLK-9 has modeled this group club atmosphere after the German Schutzhund (Protection) Clubs.  To join the group one must have successfully completed the basic obedience skills.  This ensures that all members are able to advance in a controlled setting without the chaos sometimes present in group settings.  We also give priorty/discounts to club members for boarding.  Anyone who is interested in trialing their dog would benefit immensely from the club.  We add additional times to the schedule in the periods directly before a scheduled trial (i.e.; mock trials, private lessons to sort out problems).  The Club often participates in Drill Team exercises incorporating complicated moves with their dog for demo purposes.  

LLK-9 was highlighted in the ENJOY Magazine in 2016 as a successful, trusted Dog Training Facility.


Lumber Jack Sr. reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

April 1 · 

We took our 15 month German Shepard to Lower Lassen K9 training after we has little success with his first trainer. Our GSD was extremely active, we were unable to walk him on a leash comfortably. Our goal was to have a dog that would listen, behave around people, and above all come when called. I can say with complete confidence that the training has exceeded all our goals. What we learned through Gunter and Debra's training is you get what you give, if you put in the time and effort ( practice, practice ) you are rewarded with a great addition to your family. Our GSD comes when called even if he is distracted by deer, coyotes,and the hardest of all the squirrel. My only regret is that we did'nt find Lower Lassen K9 sooner. If you are truly interested in having a well behave dog, give them a call, come watch the Saturday group class and see for yourself!

Tais Dominguez reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

June 26, 2016 · 

We had a special situation where we had to board our little guy for an extended period of time and we decided to get him some training while we were at it. We were extremely nervous about leaving our puppy with strangers but we couldn't have picked better strangers to do the job. Our boy Melo became a part of their family. Gunter and Debra are amazing with animals and I have never seen dogs be so happy to see someone as much as they were to see Gunter. Every single dog loves him. Our puppy went from being a five month old puppy that chewed stuff up and was all over the place, to a well behaved loving companion and member of our family. We were worried about having him back the first night and if he would display behaviors he had before like chewing everything and anything but he didn't try to chew ANYTHING except his toys or treats. He was naturally curious about everything but not even an accident inside the house and we didn't even need to put him in a crate for his safety because he went to sleep next to our bed and didn't move until we woke up. Just amazing, I can't say enough good things. If you have any doubts I assure you they are awesome and worth the time, money and effort.

Joan Burns reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

September 1, 2016 · 

What an asset for our community! Debi and Guenter care about the dogs in training as though they were their own. The training is excellent, including guidance to owners. Debi has made it easy for me to learn to train my first puppy. Lots of tips for reinforcement and consistency that will be helpful when I bring the dog back home. It is reassuring to see how much my dog likes them. In addition to obedience training and good manners, my pup has received socialization with other dogs. Kennels are well kept with plenty of room. If you are searching for top-notch trainers give them a call. You won't be disappointed!

April 2 · 

We were referred to Lower Lassen K-9 in HomeDepot while trying to get our high energy 18 month old GSD to sit quietly. A stranger came up and highly recommended Debi and Guenter to us. We are so glad we listened. At first we were just looking for basic obedience, but over the past 2 years we have discovered so much more. Not only is our GSD well behaved, she is also developing her natural talents through the sport of Schutzhund. Whether you are looking for basic obedience or for participating in a great sport that builds a deep bond between you and your dog, you won’t find a better training facility in the North State.

Cindy Loftus reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

May 22, 2017 · 

Great people and trainers, helping with stubborn and difficult dogs, 

August 26, 2016 · 

Excellent Facility and the Best People you will Ever find to work with your Dog!...They Treated our Dog Han's Like Family and it is SOOOO nice to have a well mannered and much CALMER dog come home after board training!

Highly Recommended if you Truly want the best in our area!

January 4, 2015 · 

All I can say is AWESOME!!!
I love them. My year old Golden Retriever is so wonderful now thanks to Lower Lassen K-9. So loving and patient. Dog was great it was the m that needed training

Molly Smith reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

March 16, 2014 · 

I am so Happy to have found Gunther and Debra. My Casey is now calmer and she pays attention to what I tell her to do. I am so very pleased. Thank you both so much, cant wait to see how well she dose in the next few weeks ahead.

Karen Johnston reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

June 25, 2016 · 

Guenter and Debra are awesome. They believe in real training, not gimmicks and have the unique ability to read a dog. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Gio and I learned a lot. I continue to use what I learned with them with him and my other dogs.


Heather Boone reviewed Lower Lassen K-95 star

April 4 · 

It was so nice to finally work with true dog trainers. Guenter and Debbie have a great ability to understand your dog and patience with the human. I have seen 100 percent change for the better in my puppy just after 5 classes. We have started to form a bond which is such a wonderful feeling. I am actually going to bring my older dog for some classes. I look forward in seeing what the future holds.


We are happy to answer some of the frequently asked questions about our training.

Q:  What Method Of Training Do You Use?

A:  We utilize different methods depending on the temperament of the dog.  Normally, the dog tells us what is going to work the best.  Shy or insecure dogs are handled with the intent of building their confidence and reassuring them.  Dominant dogs are shown that the human is always the leader.  We utilize redirect techniques (occasionally with toys or treats) and always with praise.  The dogs normally enjoy the training and appreciate the enhanced bonding with their owner as a result of it.

Q:  How often is the training and how long?

A:  Typically the training occurs once per week.  The classes are one hour long with breaks.  In some cases as with puppies the training could be every two weeks depending on the maturity of the dog.

Q:  How do I know that my dog will respond to the exercises taught?

A:  We start your dog with each new exercise first while you watch.  This enables the dog to have a bit of a head start and you can see that he is responding.  Then we start the owner under our guidance with the new exercises.  This method makes it easier on both dog and owner.

Q:  Do I need special equipment or training tools?

A:  You bring your normal flat collar to start and a light leash.  In the event that a different tool is needed we will try it out with one of ours first to ensure that it's the right choice.  We are not a box store and do not sell supplies or gimmicks.  We will also advise you on the least expensive quality place to purchase a supply if it becomes necessary.

Q:  Do you use clickers?

A:  Absolutely not!  We do use a marking training system but our voice or petting is a much better marking tool than a clicker.  We also mark with a desired toy (i.e.; ball or tug).

Q:  Do you practice play training?

A:  If your dog has drive for a ball or tug we are proficient in several techniques to gain focus and speed in carrying out commands.  Play training is a difficult technique to master and we break it down for the handler explaining in detail how to do it and why we do it a certain way.

Q:  Do you rehabilitate aggressive dogs?

A:  If an owner feels the dog is acting in an aggressive manner we would recommend an evaluation first.  Often, what is perceived as aggression is an insecure dog.  We are able to identify the different levels of behavioral problems and correct them accordingly.

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